Building a Dudley Dix 470 Catamaran.
Photo Diary
My neighbours have become accustom to my building activities over the years.
Building Stuff
We have always had boats in our family, normally the powered variety. When I was 14 I helped my father build a sea sledge, fibreglass hull with ply and hardwood deck, this was the first boat building project. He purchased a second hand National sailing dingy in 1985, we got some sailing books and we taught ourselves to sail. Our first forays into sailing were, to say the least, exciting. The national has not seen the water now for 27 years!

My first hobby was rebuilding cars, well as an apprentice electrician that's all one could afford, wrecks. Next project was a motor home, a bought a Bedford CF luton box wagon and began the transformation. I extended the chassis by 7', moved the back axel back, I tend not to do things by halves. Then more car rebuilding, doubling the size of our house, building model aircraft then the full size aircraft, then bigger model aircraft, where was it going to end?

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The Photo Diary documents the build of Exocetus.
Web Cam
Mecmate CNC
DH550 Hull #1, "Wild Vanilla"