Building a Dudley Dix 470 Catamaran.
Photo Diary
Build a boat, ok but what type?
The path to Dix
In 2009 I decided to learn to sail. Properly this time with tuition. I looked up the RYA and the various levels of training they provide. This was in August. By October I had my Day Skipper ticket. By June the following year I had my Coastal ticket, all thanks to the Poros Yachting Academy in Greece. My thoughts now turned to building a boat, but what kind?

Over a period of about a year I considered steel, aluminium, wood, ply, fibreglass (don't like fiberglass), Ferro concrete! Plans from many sources. Metal boatbuilding is too noisy, fibreglass (did I say I don't like fiberglass). So it was to be wood. I never considered a Cat, my instructor in Poros said Cats are the spawn of Beelzebub, or something along those lines. In May I had almost settled on a DIX Vickers 45 AC cold moulded, but while perusing the Dix site I had a look at the next one in the list below the Vickers, the Dix 470. The more I read about the 470 and its big sister the 550 the more I liked it. This will be a challenge, this will float my boat, as they say. The sleek lines of the 470 appealed to me, unlike the square cabin lines of Lagoons for example. I ordered the study pack in May and then the full set of plans in June. While waiting for the plans I went into an Ebay frenzy selling up all my model aircraft and equipment, clearing the decks for some seriously big bits of wood. The next and probably ultimate project had begun. ?

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The Photo Diary documents the build of Exocetus.
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DH550 Hull #1, "Wild Vanilla"