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The Photo Diary documents the build of Exocetus.
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DH550 Hull #1, "Wild Vanilla"
Whilst surfing I discovered the Mecmate CNC router. Although at this point I had cut and scarfed one hull I thought this could speed things up a great deal. The machine can be built to suit the UK standard 8x4 sheets of ply. Enhanced scarfs could be cut with indexed edges to improve alignment and reduce fairing. Trims for port holes and door openings ect could be CNC cut. The production of kits for other builders is also possible.
The build took four weeks on and off. Initial cuts with the machine are extremely accurate. Claims for the accuracy machine are 0.2mm, so far this has proved to be the case.

The first job was to cut a test step scarf. I will use this method for the cat build. Indexing of the sheets is perfect.

I cut two bulkheads for the cat. Normally it would take about 4 hours using the manual method with marking out, jigsaw and routing. The mechmate took 11 mins to complete the job, and far more tidy and accurate

The Mecmate is proving invaluable as I cut more and more various parts for the cat.

Mecmate Photo Diary
The Photo Diary documents the build of the Mechmate.